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Glögg, smörgåsbord, kräftskiva, cloudberry trifle—there's so much more to Swedish cuisine than Swedish meatballs! Check out this great cooking video below, or click a thumbnail on the right to view additional videos with Chef Jørn.



*Swedish ingredients available at IKEA Swedish Food Markets

1 Hällakaka (Swedish Soft Bread)*
2 hard boiled Eggs, sliced
1 jar Lumpfish Roe, Red*
6-8 oz. baby shrimp, cooked and peeled*
4 small lettuce leaves
4 slices of lemon


Divide one Hällakaka into 4 quarters. Spread butter on the bread and place lettuce leaf, egg slices and shrimp on top. Garnish with Lumpfish Roe, lemon and dill.

Smaklig Måltid! ( Enjoy! )