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Glögg, smörgåsbord, kräftskiva, cloudberry trifle—there's so much more to Swedish cuisine than Swedish meatballs! Check out this great cooking video below, or click a thumbnail on the right to view additional videos with Chef Jørn.



*Swedish ingredients available at IKEA Swedish Food Markets

2-3 7 oz. tins Matjes Herring*
6 oz. Red Pickled Beets*, diced
2 hard boiled eggs
1 bunch chives
1 small red onion
1 pkg. IKEA Crispbread*
1 pkg. Västerbotton Cheese*
8-12 small, cooked potatoes
1 cup sour cream


Place drained Matjes Herring on a serving dish. Halve the eggs and chop the whites and yolks separately. Finely chop the beets and chives. Garnish the herring placing one stripe of the egg whites, one stripe of chives, one stripe of beets and one stripe of egg yolks. Serve with sour cream, boiled potatoes with dill, IKEA Crispbread and Västerbotton Cheese.

Smaklig Måltid! ( Enjoy! )