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Safety Recall of Chests and Dressers. Act now to make sure your home is safe. Click here for options. Not sure if your chest or dresser is recalled? View our recall list.

When we all work together, we can reduce the risk of home accidents. Please complete the order form on the right to receive the hardware kit for your IKEA chests and dressers.

The hardware safety kits are for US residents for IKEA chests and dressers only, and not other IKEA products. If you live outside of the US, please contact the IKEA retailer in your country for information on how to obtain a hardware kit.

To order the correct hardware, please review the distinctions below to ensure you request the correct safety kit.

Kit R1

Which type of chest/dresser did you purchase and how many?

Kit R2

Which type of chest/dresser did you purchase and how many?

To ensure prompt delivery, please verify information before submitting.

Please correct the following issues:

Kit Option R1

If you own a chest other than those listed under R2 below, then you will need Kit R1.

Kit Option R2

If you own a STOCKHOLM, BUSUNGE, NORDLI chest, or STUVA series (25" or 50" height frames), you will need Kit R2. Refer to the images below to help determine which product(s) you own.