Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for IKEA Gift Registry.

Creating / Managing a Registry

Yes, IKEA Gift Registry is available in all stores, as well as online (

Yes, gifts can be purchased off of a registry in any IKEA store, as well as online at The purchaser should simply provide the registry number or barcode to the cashier at time of purchase. The cashier should scan the barcode as an “IKEA FAMILY transaction”. As an added benefit, this will also allow your guests to receive all IKEA FAMILY discount pricing, when available.

You can create a gift registry by going online to You can also sign up for a registry by visiting one of our in-store IKEA Gift Registry kiosks, or by downloading our IKEA Gift Registry app (text “REGISTRY” to 62345 to download the app now).

Yes, you need to be an IKEA FAMILY member in order to create a registry. You can simply login using your existing IKEA FAMILY account information, or if you aren’t already a member, you can sign up for IKEA FAMILY when you create your registry account. The IKEA FAMILY program is free to join.

There are multiple ways to add items to your registry: You can add items to your registry from a specific items product detail page on the IKEA website ( Simply click “add to registry.” (Note that this functionality is currently only available on the desktop version of, and does not work on the mobile version of the site.)

IKEA Gift Registry website: You can add items by entering the products 8-digit article number, or by searching /browsing the IKEA product range on the registry website.

Registry app: Using our registry app, you can add items by article number, by scanning the products barcode, by snapping a photo of the item, or by searching/browsing the IKEA product range. Text “REGISTRY” to 62345 to download the app now.

You can currently add products to your registry directly from a product page on the desktop version of The functionality is currently not supported on the mobile version of the site, but we’re working to add that functionality in soon!

Yes. Any item with an article number can be added to your gift registry. Even if it doesn’t have an article number (an entertainment center for example, which might be made up of multiple unique article numbers), you can use the “Snap a photo” feature of our app, to take a picture of the item and manually add it to your registry.

Sure! Even if the item is a sectional sofa or a refrigerator, our “CHIP IN” feature will allow guests to give any amount of their choosing towards a larger gift. If you want, you can add an entire kitchen to your registry and have guests contribute to your dream kitchen! So, the sky’s the limit!

In some cases, there may not be full information/images available for a product. But, as long as there is an article number displayed for a product, registry purchasers will be able to locate the product in store or online.

Your registry will be available for 6 months after your event. We’ll notify you via email prior to your registry expiring, and you’ll have an opportunity to extend your registry for another 6 months.

Yes, when logging into your online registry account, you will be able to see which products have been purchased. In your account set-up, you can also request an email notification each time an item is purchased from your registry.

You can add any IKEA item to your registry, including Seasonal items. However, Seasonal items are not available year round, and may not be available in store when gift givers go to purchase items. We will notify you in the event that an item on your registry list is no longer available, and you can update your registry accordingly.

No, IKEA does not currently offer a registry completion program.

Yes, you can manage your registry, including adding and deleting requested items, both online and from within the app.

Yes. Our IKEA Gift Registry app is available. Text “REGISTRY” to 62345 to download the app now.

If you receive duplicate items from your registry and need to return something, you can print a return receipt from your online gift registry account. As long as the item is listed on your registry listing, you can use this return receipt to return the item in-store, for a full credit in the form of an IKEA gift card.

Items not on your registry list can be returned pursuant to the standard IKEA product Return Policy.

To return a gift registry item that did not come with a gift receipt, simply print out a “Return Receipt” from the registry website.  This Return Receipt shows all of the items included on your registry.

Not at all! You can register for any event or special occasion, big or small, including baby showers, housewarmings, graduations, birthdays, holidays etc. With close to 10,000 affordable products for every area of the home, all under one roof, IKEA is the perfect place for a gift registry.

If people chip in for a gift, but it’s not completed, the redemption voucher will include the value that was chipped in towards the item. You as a registrant can choose to complete the purchase by making up the difference yourselves or select anything else in the store within the purchased value.

You can request to redeem gifts whenever you’re ready.

You will simply submit the request through the app and will receive a redemption code in the form of a digital voucher. All you need to do is to make sure to submit the request 24 hours prior to your visit to your local IKEA store.

You can opt in to receive an email notification each time an item is purchased from your registry. You can enable this notification within the ‘Settings’ tab of your registry account. You will also be able to tell what has been purchased at any time by logging into the registry website or app to and viewing your registry list.

App Support

If the app freezes, you should close it out and reopen, that should help reset it. If you continue to have issues, please contact IKEA Gift Registry Customer Service at

You can tap “Can’t scan?”, it will allow you to enter the article number or search the item through the catalog. You also have the option of snapping a picture of the item and manually inputting its information.

This is to help save battery life so that the camera isn’t constantly on while you are browsing your local IKEA store.

Redeeming gifts

Gifts purchased online: Many of your guests will purchase or chip-in for your gift through the online gift registry service. The total value of gifts purchased or chipped in for through the online gift registry service is provided here. You can create voucher(s) from this total and use them to redeem your gifts at your local IKEA store.

Vouchers issued: If you have requested and received one or more vouchers, their total will be shown under this heading. This is the total of the original issuance value of the vouchers and does not account for any spend through those voucher.

Remaining list balance: This is the difference between 1 and 2 and with its value you can create a voucher i.e. some gifts have not yet been converted to vouchers. Once you choose to create a voucher and it is issued, the “remaining list balance” should change to zero (unless more gifts have been bought for you in the meantime!)

No, vouchers can currently only be issued through the IKEA Gift Registry App. Text “REGISTRY” to 62345 to download the app now.

Your vouchers will be listed at the bottom of the My Vouchers screen within the app. Each voucher will show an original value and a balance. To use the voucher, select it and show it to the cashier when checking out at your local IKEA store. Immediately after requesting a voucher and for up to 24 hours, a voucher may be shown as pending. Once it has been approved you may use it in store.

Activating your voucher can take up to 24 hours. Please be sure to request your vouchers prior to heading to your local IKEA store. If you need assistance accessing your voucher, please email

Simply show your voucher to the cashier when you check out. The cashier will manually enter the voucher number and other details displayed on your voucher.

Yes, multiple vouchers can be used at the same time. Simply present the voucher information to the cashier when checking out. However, we do suggest waiting to request a voucher until at least a day before you’re ready to go to the store. Minimizing the amount of vouchers your request for a single store visit will allow your purchase to be processed more quickly at the cash lane.

Select “Get my Gifts” in the app and you will see the current balance on each voucher. You can also see the balance of gifts you have not created a voucher for. Alternatively, you can call 1-866-345-2318.

Once you have requested a voucher through the app it will be issued in 24 hours but probably significantly faster. However, don’t leave the request until you are in the IKEA store ready to pick up your gifts!

There are no fees associated with using the voucher.

Yes, vouchers are valid for online purchases as well as in any IKEA store in the United States.

No, you have the flexibility of using the voucher for any items in your local IKEA store. Obviously if you use the value for something not gifted to you, then you will have less value to purchase the gifts which are marked as gifted on your list.

Funds on your voucher do not expire. Every 18 months your voucher will automatically be renewed.

For regulatory reasons the maximum voucher value is $2000. Where your total gifts exceed this value, multiple vouchers are created when you request a voucher.

No, the IKEA Gift Registry vouchers are electronic only.

No, vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

Purchasing from a registry

You can purchase items off of a registry in a variety of ways:

Buy In-store

You can purchase registry items in any IKEA store. To get the registry list, simply visit one of our IKEA Gift Registry kiosks in-store, or prior to your visit print out the list from the registry website ( When ready to purchase a product, simply present the gift registry print out to the cashier at checkout. The cashier will scan the registry barcode at the register.

Buy Online from

You can simply go to and buy a registry item online. When checking out online, be sure to add the registry number into the shopping cart in the IKEA FAMILY card/Gift Registry number field. Note that not all registry items may be available for sale online.

Buy Online from the Gift Registry website – “Chip-in”

The IKEA Gift Registry website allows gift givers with the opportunity to “chip-in” towards the total cost of a specific product. So, for example, if the registrant has added a bigger ticket item to their registry, a gift giver can contribute a partial amount towards the value of that product. From the registry website (, if a guest sees a large gift item they would like to help pay for, they can chip in for any amount of their choosing and other guests can add to it as well. Gifts on a registry will show if funds were chipped in already for it, and how much.

Buy Online from the Gift Registry website - Add it to a gift card

You can “buy” a specific item for a registrant and have them receive an IKEA Gift Card for the items value. It’s a nice way to select a specific gift for the recipient, without the cost of shipping or the hassle of carrying a bulky item to the event.

Items purchased from a registry will be updated on a registry account within 24-48 hours after purchase, as long as the registry barcode is scanned when the customer made the purchase.

If a guest sees a large gift item they would like to help pay for, they can “chip in” any amount of their choosing towards the purchase price of the item. Other guests can add to it as well. Gifts on a registry will show if funds were chipped in already, and how much is remaining.

No, you do not need to be an IKEA FAMILY member to purchase off of a registry. If you choose to purchase an IKEA FAMILY discounted product on the registry list, you will automatically receive the discounted IKEA FAMILY member price when purchasing because the item is on an IKEA Gift Registry.

But, we’d love to have you join IKEA FAMILY. IKEA FAMILY Members get discounts on products throughout the store, free coffee or hot tea whenever they visit, and much more… Plus, it’s free to join. Learn more.

Registry recipients have the option of making a registry private upon creation. When a registry is marked as ‘private’ it will require a password to view. You should request the password from the registry creator directly. For privacy reasons, IKEA will only disclose the password to the registrant.

To find a specific registry, visit one of the in-store gift registry kiosk or the registry website (, select “Find Registry” and enter the registrant or co-registrants name and location.

Yes, we do offer gift receipts. Inquire at the registry when making your purchase.

We currently do not offer a gift wrapping service, but IKEA does have wrapping paper and accessories for sale in our Papershop. We offer everything from wrapping paper to bows and ribbons, all with a distinct IKEA flair.

Yes, you can print out any registry from one of our in-store IKEA Gift Registry kiosks, located inside the front entrance of your local IKEA store. If you need help, just ask any one of our co-workers for assistance.

IKEA does not currently offer a shipping service, unless you buy products online and have the item shipped directly to the recipient. There is an additional shipping charge for shipping items from