Get Moving!

Tips and Tools for a Better Moving Day

Shopping is as easy as 1–2–3 with

Picking with Delivery


Visit your local IKEA store and see one of our co–workers.

Create a List.

Tell the co–worker what you're looking for and they'll create and print an itemized list of your items.

Set Up Delivery.

Picking with Delivery just got even easier! Now, you can simply set up delivery in-store with any IKEA co-worker.

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Moving Day's Here

Here are a few tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Review your moving day itinerary

Tip #1

Moving Tip #1

Lift with your legs! You've got a long day ahead – don't put yourself out of commission.

Tip #2

Moving Tip #2

Be an architect for a day. Sketch out a plan for room layouts so you can be sure of where all the heavy stuff is going.

Tip #3

Moving Tip #3

Find inner peace with an open furniture arrangement that's all about the feng shui.

Tip #4

Moving Tip #4

Don't bury yourself in boxes. Start with the ones marked "Open First" and move one room at a time.

Tip #5

Moving Tip #5

Reward your friends for their hard work – they might ask you to help them move someday!

Print all the tips

The only thing left to lift

Is the Pizza

When everything's moved, it's time to treat yourself and your helpers to some hard-earned dinner.

Find local delivery options

Quick ways to settle in

Short on supplies?

Here's a list of everything you need after your move.


Get Settled

The move is almost over. You're ready to start unpacking and turning your new space into a new home.